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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
10-jan-2017مناهج تدریس اللغة العربیة في المرحلة الابتدائیة بین النظریة والتطبیقخلیل, منال
9-jan-2017تعليمية اللغة العربية في مقدمة ابن خلدوندعدوعة, مروة
12-jan-2017The Impact of Teachers’ Roles on Enhancing EFL Students’ Classroom Interaction, Participation, and Speaking Ability Skill A Case Study of First Year Master Students at Mohamed Kheider University of BiskraBennecer, Assia
12-jan-2017Investigating the Effectiveness of the Communicative Language Teaching Approach in Enhancing EFL Learners’ Oral Proficiency The case of third year students of English at Biskra UniversityLalaibia, Samira
15-jan-2017The Role of Student Teams – Achievement Divisions Technique in the Implicit Teaching of the Use of Conjunctions in Writing Case Study: Third Year Students of English at Biskra UniversitySouleh, Nour Elhouda
12-jan-2017Investigating Code Switching Among Algerian Students A Case Study: Students of English at Biskra UniversityDaoudi, Nour Elyakine
12-jan-2017The Use of Cohesive Devices in Paragraph Writing Case study: Second Year LMD students at Biskra UniversityWahiba, Khelifii
15-jan-2017The Role of Teachers’ Feedback in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill The Case of Study: First Year LMD at Biskra University A Dissertation Submitted to the Department of Foreign Languages As Partial Fulfilment for the Master’s Degree in Sciences of LanguagesBoughazzoula, Aicha
15-jan-2017Investigating the Impact of Social Media on Improving EFL students’ Vocabulary A Case Study of the Second Year LMD Students at the English Division In the University of Abd Elhafid Bousof - MilaBENIDIR, Samira
15-jan-2017The Role of English Cultural Concepts’ on Learners’ Proficiency in Language Comprehension Case Study f Third Year LMD English Students at Mohamed Kheider University of BiskraAidoudi, Ahlem