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Titre: الأدب المهـــجري الأنجلوفوني "كتاب خالد" لأمين الريحاني و "النبي" لجبران أنموذجا
Auteur(s): مديحة عتيق
Date de publication: 2-jan-2013
Résumé: Arab Anglophone Literature is the body of writings written in English by authors of Arab origins. This paper is an attempt to shed light on the emergence of Arab Anglophone literature which dated back to the early 1920’s in USA with the appearance of Ameen Rihani’s « The Book of Khalid » and Gibran’s « The Prophet » ;the paper will discuss the aesthetics , thematic topics and the readership of both works.
Collection(s) :العدد 32

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