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Titre: أثر أنماط القيادة الإدارية على تنمية الإبداع لدى الموارد البشرية – دراسة ميدانية لعينة من المؤسسات الصناعية الخاصة بولاية قسنطينة-
Auteur(s): خالد بوجعدار
شهيناز دريوش
Date de publication: 2-jan-2013
Résumé: The development and flourishment of companies depend on their possession of human resources endowed with intellectual abilities and creative aptitudes on one hand, and distinguished administrative leaders capable of exploiting and adequately assisting these abilities on the other hand. creativity, from an interactive perspective, is influenced by many factors and variables notably administrative leadership. many different studies have been undertaken to show the effect of this organizational factor on creativity and its development. earlier research was mainly interested in investigating leader's personal characteristics. as the determination of features that might reveal creativity in companies proved difficult, researchers turned their attention to study the leader's behavior and its effect on creativity, which is the main concern of this research. in other words, how can the modes of administrative leadership affect the development of creativity in human resources in the private industrial companies of the province of Constantine?....
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