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Titre: المنهج الإسلامي في الرعاية الاجتماعية
Auteur(s): ليلى بتقة
Date de publication: 2-jan-2013
Résumé: I have my Islam man as a creature advantage of Allaah, without other objects, and endowed by His grace and bounty and paid by the care and honor him before he was born and until death even knew Islam a religion of social welfare, he came to the service of man and the sustainability of its kind goodness and righteousnessmentioned by what Allah wants to do just Salah faith and goodwork, but Salah also wanted him to people's lives and their affairsin social life through the total social services that target the mind, spirit and self-directed individual and group and community. Thisarticle outlines the Islamic approach to social care and philosophythat makes it unique and distinguish it from other approaches andsystems status in addition to the properties of the Islamic approach, which made him the right of the religion of social welfare.
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