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Title: الكفاءات الفردية و الكفاءات الجماعية في المؤسسة الجزائرية
Authors: بوستيل زهيرة
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2013
Abstract: The rapid changements (technological, organisationnal)required new competences ensuring the adaptation and autonomy contrary to competences of « execution »predominate in the taylorian conception, which obliges the enterprises to adopt « logical competence »,instead of the« logical of employment » ,nevertheless,the contents of the management model are based on antiquated methods,in spite of this,the socio-professional categories use individual and collective competences,and have a procedural autonomy framed by rules of control, besides an autonomy « hidden » for the resolution of the complex problems. In this article,we will try to demonstrate if organisation of work adapted by partners in phase transitional is based on competences of socio-professional categories,and if theses last enjoy autonomy and adapted with the complex situations of work.
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