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Titre: Study the structural, optical and electrical properties of sprayed Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films before and after annealing temperature
Auteur(s): Yacine Aoun
Boubaker Benhaoua
Brahim Gasmic
Said Benramache
Mots-clés: ZnO, thin films, snnealing temperature, spray pyrolysis technique
Date de publication: 24-sep-2016
Résumé: Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films were deposited on glass substrates by spray pyrolysis technique by decomposition of zinc acetate dihydrate in ethanol. The ZnO thin films were deposited at 350◦C and annealed at 500◦C for 2 h. The substrate was R217102 glass in a size of 30 cm×7.5 cm×0.1 cm. The films exhibited a hexagonal wurtzite structure with a strong (002) preferred orientation. The higher value of crystallite size (20.29 nm) was attained with films annealed at 500◦C, probably due to improvement of the crystallinity of the films with heating. The average transmittance of the films, by UV-Vis, was over of 95 %. The band gap energy varied from 3.279 to 3.288 eV for the non-annealed and annealed films, respectively. The electrical resistivity was measured to be 0.4 .cm.
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