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Titre: Effect of annealing temperature on structural, optical and electricalproperties of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films deposited by spray pyrolysistechnique
Auteur(s): Yacine Aouna
Boubaker Benhaouac
Said Benramache
Brahim Gasmi
Mots-clés: ZnOThin filmsAnnealing temperatureSpray pyrolysis techniquea
Date de publication: 24-sep-2016
Résumé: tIn the present paper, the structural, optical and electrical properties of zinc oxide thin films were studiedbefore and after annealing temperature at 500◦C. The ZnO thin films were sprayed on glass substrates at350◦C, which were heated using the solar cells method. Polycrystalline films with a hexagonal wurtzitestructure with (0 0 2) preferential orientation corresponding to ZnO films were observed. It can be foundthat the good crystallinity are achieved in the films annealed at 500◦C. All films exhibit an average opticaltransmittance about 95% measured by UV–vis analyzer. The shift of optical transmittance towards highwavelength can be showed by the increases of band gap after annealing temperature which can be explainby the oxygen diffusion with annealing temperature. The electrical resistivity measured of our films inthe order 0.4 ( . cm).
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