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Title: DWT and Hilbert Transform for Broken Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis in Induction Machine at Low Load
Authors: B. Bessam
M. Boumeltaz
H. Cherit
Keywords: Induction Motor, Diagnosis, Hilbert transfomr, discrete wavelet transfonn;
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Abstract: In this paper a new technique for broken rotor bars diagnosis in induction machine at low load and non stationary state is proposed. The technique is used in order to remedy the problem from using the classical signal-processing technique FFT by analysis of stator current envelope. The proposed method is based from using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and Hilbert transform. The Hilbert transform is used to extract the stator .o...nt envelope. Then this signal is processed via DWT. The effîciency of the proposed method is verified by simulation tests.
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