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Title: comparative study between Different controllers used in Three-Phase Four-\Mire Shunt Active Filter
Authors: A. GHAMRI
Keywords: Shunt Active Filter (SAF), Backstepping Controller, PI Controller, Total Harmonic Distortion (TIID), Self Tuning Filter (STF).
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: This paper presents a simulation of Three-Phase Four-Wire Shunt Active Filter destined to suppress harmonic curents generated by nonlinear loads in low voltage networks, and also to compensate reactive power. The identification method is based on P-Q theory using SelfTuning Filters; for-leg inverter commanded by hysteresis is used as generator ofharmonic compensation currents. In order to have good performances of compensation, DC voltage of the inverter must remain constaût (240 V). In this paper we propose to use three different DC voltage controllers, PI, Backstepping and improved Backstepping controllers. The performances of these controllers are compared and discussed. Simulation results proved very good filtering performances with the three controllers either in transient or steady state. Improved backstepping controller gave the best results in transient state,
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