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Titre: Nonlinear Flatness Control Applied to Supercapacitors Contribution in Hybrid Power Systems using Photovoltaic Source and Batteries
Auteur(s): M. Benaouadj
A. Aboubou
M. Becherif
Mots-clés: Photovoltaic source; Battery; supercapacitor; hybridization; energy management; flatness control
Date de publication: 17-mar-2016
Résumé: For a stand-alone application, and to demonstrate role ofsupercapacitors as a hansient power source, a nonlinear control strategy based on the flatness approach is applied to manage energy flows in two systems: the fust includes a photovoltaic (PD source considered as a main source and lead-acid batteries used as storage unit; the second is obtained with the hybridization ofthe PV source, lead-acid batteries, and supercapacitors. The simulation results are presented and dis{russed when applying different solar illuminations and oonsumptiion profiles.
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