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Title: Increasing flux density by HTS shielding peltet in superconducting synchronous machine based on flux concentration
Authors: Rabia Boumaraf
Souri Mohamed Mimoune
L. Alloui
Mohamed Lotfi Khene
Keywords: Control volume method . Flux concentration . HTS shielding pellet . Superconducting synchronous machines
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a solution which enhances the performance of the inductor in high-power superconducting synchronous machines based on the flux concentration while keeping the same topology and using a high temperature superconducting shielding pellet located between the t\ryo coils of the inductor. This pellet permits to recover the magnetic fleld which vanishes in the medium region due to the opposite direction of the coils. A method for 3D magnetostatic f,eld analysis using the control volume method with unstructured grid is proposed. With this topology, we have obtained a maximum efflciency of about 8 Vo rn the flux density.
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