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Title: lnteractive DE for solving combined security environmental economic dispatch considering FAcrs technology
Authors: Belkacem Mahdad
K. Srairi
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: This paper presents an efficient interactive differential evolution (IDE) to solve the multi-objective security environmental/economic dispatch iSfEOy problem considering multi shunt flexible AC transmission system @aCfSldevicés. 'iwo sub problems are proposed. The first one is related to the active po\Mer planning to minimize the combined total fuel cost and emissions, while the sècond i-s a reactive power planning (RPP) using multi shunt FACTS device based static VAR com.pensator (SVC) installed at specified buses to make fine corrections to the voltage deviation, voltage phase profiles and reactive power violation. The migratiàn operation inspired from biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm is newly introduced in the proposed approach, therebÿ effectively'explorin! and exploiting plomising regions in a space search by creating dynamically rrr* efrcient purtitionr. This new mechanism based migration between individuals from different subsystems makes the initial partitions to react more by changing experiences. To validate the robustness of the proposed approach, the proposeO àtgorithm is tested on the Algerian 59-bus electrical network and on a large system, 40 generating units consiàering valve-point loading effect. Comparison of the results wiih recent gtoUul optimization methods show the superiority of the proposed IDE approach and .onfi.- iis potential for solving practical optimal pov/er flow in terms ofiôlution quality and convergence characteristics.
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