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Title: solving multi-objective optimat power flow problem considering wind-sTATcoM using differential evotution
Authors: Belkacem MAHDAD
Keywords: differential evolution, multi-objective function, optimal power flow, economic dispatc( valve point effect, environment, wind source, STAIôOM
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: In this paper, a simple strategy based differ_ ential evolution was proposed for solving the problem of multi-objective environmental optimal po*.i flo* .on_ sidering a hybrid model (Wind-Shunt-FACTS). The DE algorithm optimized simultaneously a combined vector control based active power of wind sources and reactive power of multi STAICOM exchanged with the electrical po',ver system to minimize fuel cost and emissions. The proposed strategy was examined and applied to the standard IEEE 30-bus with smooth cost funôtion to solve the problem of security environmental economic dispatch considering multi distributed hybrid model based wind and STIIICOM controllers. In addition, the proposed approach w^as validated on a large practical electrical po\Mer system 40 generating units considering valve point effect. Simulation results demonstrate that choosing the installa_ tion of multi ÿpe of FACTS devices in cooàination with many distributed wind sources is a vital research area.
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