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Title: Evaluation of minor hysteresis loops using Langevin transforms in modified inverse ffi....r"r0 Jiles-Atherton model
Authors: M. Hamimi6
S.M. Mimoune
M. Feliachi
Keywords: Langevin transforms model Minor hysteresis loops Modified inverse Jiles-Atherton model
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: In this paper, we present e Langevin transforms model which evaluates accurately minor hysteresis loops for the modified inverse Jiles-Atherton model by using appropriate expressions in order to improve minor hysteresis loops characteristics. The parameters of minor hysteresis loops are then related to the parameters of the major hysteresis loop according to each level of maximal induction by using langevin transforms expressions. The stochastic optimization method "simulated annealing" is used for the determination of the l-ângevin transforms coefficients. This model needs only tvvo experimental tests to generate all hysteresis loops. The validiÿ of the langevin transforms model is justified by comparison of calculated minor hysteresis loops to measured ones and good agreen.rents are obtained with better results than the exponential transforms model (Hamimid et al., 2011 [4]).
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