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Titre: Comparison of proton exchange membrane fuel cell static models
Auteur(s): A. Saadi
M. Becherif
A. Aboubou
M.y. Ayad
Mots-clés: Proton exchange membrane Fuel cell Static model Experimentation
Date de publication: 17-mar-2016
Résumé: Using experimental study results, this paper aims at evaluating the different analytical models that are used for modeling Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack (PEMFC). Three itatic models such as those of Amphlett, Larminie-Dicks and Chamberlin-l(im are demonstrated. These models are studied and validated experimentally with identification of their parameters separately. Hence, experimental results are compared for fuel cell test bench for two rated powers (400 W and ZOO W). Furthermore, simulation results explicitly veri§/ the accuracy and efficienry of these static models.
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