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Title: دور تقنيات التكنولوجيا فلي محاربة ظاهرة تقليد الأدوية
Authors: د. حساني رقية
Keywords: Keywords: technology, tcounterfeiting, medicines. Mark the bubble.
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2016
Abstract: Is the phenomenon of imitation drugs is a growing problem day after day, not only in developing countries but even in Western countries, the consequent implications and repercussions detrimental not on the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment but also in terms of stability, trade and economy as well as harming the reputation of the state . Therefore pose significant threats at all levels of social, economic and even political. And next to the legal protection of the products, can play techniques technological role opposite where there are some technical devices that can be used for the purpose of protecting the products of tradition, so we will cover in this article to the phenomenon of imitation drugs and criteria for the use of technology in the fight by focusing on the technology bubble marker and uses in the protection of drug exposure to the tradition.
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