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Titre: Optimization of Optical Gain in Inx Ga1-xSb/GaSb unstrained quantum well structures
Auteur(s): Said Dehimi
Aissat Abdelkader
Djamel Haddad
Lakhdar Dehimi
Mots-clés: Quantum well; In1-x Gax Sb; optical gain; Laser; detection
Date de publication: 3-mar-2016
Résumé: n this paper we study the effects of In concentration, temperature, quantum well width and carrier density on optical gain for GaSb/InxGa1-xSb/GaSb untrained quantum well structures. This system was chosen as it is useful in infrared emission, finally, we introduce the optimum structure of quantum well to obtain the maximum optical gain, at room temperature and infrared emission particularly 2.3 (μm), for the use this structure in application of spectroscopic analysis of the gases specially CH4. This structure can be used for light absorption to increase the solar cell efficiency a based on a quantum well and multi-junction.
Collection(s) :Communications Internationales

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