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Titre: Characterization of Date Palm Wood Used as Composites Reinforcement
Auteur(s): K. Almi
A. Benchabane
A. Kriker
Date de publication: 28-fév-2016
Résumé: This work reports the results of an experimental investigation on physical and mechanical properties of Algerian date palm tree residues in order to optimize their performances when used as reinforcement. The results have shown that all the samples are characterized by porous and brous structure with irregular surface, which contains a large number of uncompleted grown bers (expected to be residual lignin). Concerning the mechanical properties of date palm bers (DPF), the results show that they are comparable to those reported for coir and are lower than those reported for other natural bers. However with regard to the speci c mechanical properties, date palm bers show higher values than those of other natural bers. This is due to the low values of bulk density of date palm wood, especially of that of Petiole. DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1072
Collection(s) :Publications Internationales

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