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Titre: Simulation Numérique de l’effet de Tremblement de Terre sur Les Barrages en Terre
Auteur(s): BOUAICHA, Allaoua
Mots-clés: Earth dam
numerical modeling
Date de publication: 1-jan-2013
Résumé: A significant number of embankment dams underwent failures and significant displacements lasting of the earthquakes because of failure or liquefaction of the soil. According to the International Commission on Large Dams, the majority of the old dams were designed using methods and seismic criteria, which are considered now as obsolete. During the last decades, important progress has been made in assessing the dynamic analysis of dams. The numerical methods in finite elements or of finite differences can provide a powerful tool to envisage the response of the dams to the seismic actions. This subject relates to the numerical analysis of the effect of earthquake on the earth dams. After a bibliographical synthesis on the failures and the damage caused by the earthquakes, the effects of soil plasticity and excess pore pressure on the dynamic behavior will be examined using the software FLAC2d based on the method of finite differences. Key
Collection(s) :Département de Génie Civil et Hydraulique

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