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Titre: Active Detection of Deformable Contours in Different Shapes for MR Images by Using B-Snake Model
Auteur(s): Bougourzi, Fares
Date de publication: 6-déc-2015
Résumé: Abstract: Detection of the boundary of an object in medical images, then the segmentation from the background class, is a major challenge in medical image processing. Our work present an adaptive B-Snake model for object contour extraction. A cubic B-snake model is developed for extracting 2D deformable objects from medical images, with an adaptive control points insertion algorithm that is suggested to increase the flexibility of B-Snake to describe complex shape and different. And we using different energy function B-Snake (GVF(s)) is able not only to grow through long and thin concavities but also it does not miss the correct boundaries. Moreover, this algorithm avoids computationally expensive optimization stages with used just the external force (GVF). That is what is known as the B-Snake
Collection(s) :Faculté des Sciences et de la technologie (FST)

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