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Title: العقوبات الدولية وأثرها على حقوق الانسان المدنية والسياسية
Authors: د. فاتن صبري سيد الليثي
Issue Date: 16-Oct-2015
Abstract: Summary : This study aims to statement the effects of the international sanctions imposed on the states and their impact on human rights, especially civil and political rights. The study showed that the international sanctions on the country or countries offense is normal in order to preserve international peace and security and respect for international law, but the abuse of international sanctions, especially, in the military part, now, is threatening the lives of thousands of people and the destruction of relics and holy sites and civilizations, as well as environmental pollution which affects human health , and the environment as a result of the use of internationally banned weapons during military operations. The international community has enacted conventions and treaties to safeguard human rights, but the rigors of international sanctions have prevented access to that objective.
ISSN: 8623 1112
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