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Titre: The Importance of the Use of Methods and Materials in Teaching Foreign Language Classrooms
Auteur(s): Hadjab Rayhana
Date de publication: 4-déc-2014
Résumé: This dissertation to offer an insight into the current situation of English teaching material in EFL classes at the level of first year. It investigates the importance an attributed by EFL teachers at department of English teaching material as compared to other language aspects for first year classes. the present work consists of: an introductory chapter on the methodology adapted to conduct the research, and the rest of the dissertation is divided into the two main parts. The first part represent to the literature review of related to the study. In the first chapter the researcher discusses some general consideration on the relationship between language methodologies. And teachers, also provide on overall idea on the major contributions in providing an argument on the need to incorporate material into EFL classroom. In the second chapter, the main aspect related the teaching material such as its developing role in foreign language approaches and method the sole for teaching material as well as the challenges and limit of classroom instructions are deal with. The researchers go further to shed light on the various materials of approaches and activities for teaching material. In the second part which constitutes the field work. The researcher tends to explore teachers, as well as student perspectives and opinion, towards the issue under investigation. It explore the activities , topics, and materials currently used to teach English through designing we rowed to EFL teachers at the English department in order to offer useful ways of integrating teaching material into these classes and supplementary their course book .
Collection(s) :Faculté des Lettres et des Langues FLL

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