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Titre: The contribution of the Afro- Americans in the United States
Auteur(s): Mériem Saouli
Date de publication: 2-déc-2014
Résumé: African Americans have a lot of contributions in the United States in different fields and domains. The word contribution means to participate positively within the country in many fields and this is exactly what does this minority do in music ,sport ,dancing, singing ,literature ,writing, but in this research am going to speak about their participation in politics ,mass media and science and how they give successful persons and achievements in these domains .by this contribution afro-Americans did their best to change their previous situation and they succeeded not only to change people’s minds about them but also to make those people benefit from their contributions in politics by giving the American society strength and intelligence, also by giving important and famous TV shows and Journalists , great inventors , scientists and mathematicians.
Collection(s) :Faculté des Lettres et des Langues FLL

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