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Titre: Etude théorique et expérimentale des performances thermiques d'un capteur solaire avec effet de concentration linéaire de type Fresnel
Auteur(s): H. Karoua
A. Moummi
N. Moummi
E. Achouri
Mots-clés: Fresnel - Capteur solaire à concentration - Transfert thermique - Rugosités artificielles.
Date de publication: 8-mai-2014
Résumé: In this theoretical and experimental study, we are investigated in the effect of conception on the thermal performance in particular the output temperature when a blade of air flows through the absorber of solar collector with concentration effect of Fresnel. The useful duct have a 3,32 m length, it’s placed in the focal line of a linear Fresnel reflecting solar concentrator and equipped with artificial roughness rectangular twisted, the artificial roughness are made from the galvanize steel by thickness 0,5 mm, and arranged in staggered, to obtain a disordered and turbulent flow. The solar collector with concentration effect of Fresnel is consisting of two parts each with 40 several ordinary flat mirrors perfectly reflective, which are attached to metal plates to insure the rigidity of system during operations of maintenance and handling. A theoretical and experimental study is underway, where we are investigated in the thermal performance of the collector consider as, essentially at evolution of the air temperature at the outlet of the useful duct, the thermal energy and the thermal efficiency. Link
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