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Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 1501
Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
22-fév-2017Improving English as a Foreign Language Learners’ Speaking Skill through Audio-Visual Aids A Case Study of Second-Year LMD Students at Mohamed Kheider University of BiskraZaamoune, Nour
22-fév-2017The Impact of Using the Audiovisual Aids to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill: The Case of Third Year Students of English at Mohamed Kheider University of BiskraLOMRI, Asma
22-fév-2017Impact of Using Humour on Raising EFL Teacher-student Interaction A Case Study of First Year EFL Students of Mohamed Kheider University of BiskraFERRADI, Youcef
22-fév-2017The effect of using Educational games as a teaching method on the EFL learners’ vocabulary acquisition A CASE STUDY OF THIRD YEAR MIDDLE SCHOOL PUPILS’ AT AMRAOUI BEN SOTI SCHOOL A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillments of The Requirements for the Master Degree in Science of the LanguageRomani, Amina
22-fév-2017Investigating the Main Psychological Factors Affecting Learners’ Speaking Performance Case Study: Second Year Students of English at Biskra UniversityATTIR, Khadidja
22-fév-2017Developing Bilingual and Bicultural competencies in EFL learning through media The Case study of middle school teachersDaouadji meriem
22-fév-2017Enhancing Foreign Language Students’ Speaking Performance through Overcoming Anxiety A Case Study of Third year LMD Students of English at Biskra UniversityRahmoun, Feiza
22-fév-2017The Role of School and Home Environment in Boosting Students’ Learning Achievement: The Case of Third Year Middle School Teachers and Students at Ahmed Zayed Middle School –Biskra–Slimi, Nour Elhouda
22-fév-2017The Use of Pictures in Teaching Vocabulary in EFL Middle School Classes The Case of First Year Pupils of English at Charkia Middle School in BarikaBoualleg, Rima
22-fév-2017The Importance of YouTube Videos in Enhancing EFL Learners’ Vocabulary A Case Study of Second Year Students of English at Biskra UniversityDerradji, Hayet
22-fév-2017The Importance of Using Mobile Technology in Improving Students’ Vocabulary The case study of third year EFL students at BISKRA UniversityRAHMANI Khaoula, Khaoula
2-fév-2017The Impact of Poor Handwriting on EFL Students Test Scores Case of Teachers of English at Mohammed Kheider UniversitySID NOUR EL HOUDA, NOUR EL HOUDA
7-fév-2017THE IMPACT OF EXTENSIVE READING ON EFL STUDENTS’ WRITING PERFORMANCE The case of EFL second-year students of Biskra universityNour El-Imane, Aouissi
7-fév-2017The Evaluation of the Coursebook “Spotlight on English One”from Teachers’ Perspectives The Case Study of First Year Classes at Madani Rahmoun Middle School BiskraHouchet, Sabrina
7-fév-2017The Influence of Podcasts on EFL Student’s Listening Comprehension. The Case of Third year EFL Students at Mohamed Keider University of BiskraDjebbari, Hassen
5-fév-2017The Effects of Learning English as Foreign Language on Learners' Behavior The case of third year students at Salah Eddin El Ayoubi high school in BatnaBoukerkour, Asma
29-jan-2017TEACHERS’ ATTITUDES TOWARDS TEACHING WRITING THROUGH PROCESS APPROACH Case study of English Language Teachers of Written Expression at Biskra UniversityLABBACI, Souad
29-jan-2017The Role of Sociolinguistic Competence on EFL Learners’ Realization of The Speech Act of Suggesting A Case Study of First Year Master Students of English at Mohamed KheiderOUNISSI, Tayeb
29-jan-2017Improving Learners’ Writing Skill via Implementing the Product Approach A case study of Third year of the literary stream at Chohra Mohamed High School-El Meghaier-El OuedDebbakh, Hadda
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 1501