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Titre: A 2D Model of Induction Machine Dedicated to faults Detection– Extension of the Modified Winding Function
Auteur(s): A. Ghoggal
S. E. Zouzou
A. Aboubou
M. Sahraoui
Mots-clés: Induction machines, inductance, MWFA, spaces harmonics, skew
Date de publication: 24-avr-2013
Résumé: This paper treats mainly the modeling of induction machine inductances taking into account all the space harmonics, and with introduction of the effects of skewing rotor bars and linear rise of MMF across the slot. The model is established initially in the case of symetric machine, which corresponds to the case of a constant air-gap, then in the other case where the machine can present a static or dynamic, axial or radial eccentricity. This objective would be achieved by exploiting an extension in 2-D of the modified winding function approach (MWFA). It should be noted that this work gives a great number of results with consequently less explanation. It is of course our first aim; this can be noticed by a reader already eaning on the subject.
Collection(s) :Communications Nationales

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