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Titre: Analysis of Induction Motor with broken rotor bars Using Finite Element Method
Auteur(s): Salah Eddine Zouzou
Samia Khelif
Noura Halem
M. Sahraoui
Mots-clés: Induction motor, finite element, broken rotor bars, time stepping finite element (TSFE), diagnosis, faults
Date de publication: 21-avr-2013
Résumé: The paper presents the use of the two-dimensional finite element method for modelling the three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor by using circuit-field coupled method. In order to analyze the machine performances, the voltage source is considered. The flux 2D magnetic analysis software is used for calculating the magnetic field of an induction motor having a cage fault. The simulation results of transient and steady state are given, which verifies the reliability of this method. The experimental results prove that the proposed approach constitutes a useful tool for the study and diagnostics of induction motors.
Collection(s) :Communications Internationales

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