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Titre: Modelling and Detection of Inter-Turn Short Circuits in Stator Windings of Induction Motor
Auteur(s): M. Sahraoui
A. Ghoggal
S. E. Zouzou
A. Aboubou
H. Razik
Mots-clés: Diagnosis, stator faults, inter-turns shortcircuit, induction machines, stator current
Date de publication: 21-avr-2014
Résumé: This paper is devoted to the development of a mathematical model of the induction motor operating under stator inter-turns short-circuits. The model is based on the multiplied coupled circuit approach. The inductances calculation is performed thanks to an extension in 2-D of the modified winding function approach (eMWFA), which is able to take into account the space harmonics in addition to the effects of rotor bar skewing and to the linear rise of MMF across the slots. One have to note that an appropriate extension of this model can consider the stator winding faults in presence of broken rotor bars or static, dynamic or axial eccentricity. It is shown that the inter-turn short circuit gives rise to some spectral components witch appear in the current line spectrum. Some experimental tests validate these results and confirm the presence of other components due to several phenomenons cited in previous works.
Collection(s) :Communications Internationales

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