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Titre: Modeling of Induction Machines with Skewed Rotor Slots Dedicated to Rotor Faults
Auteur(s): S. E. Zouzou
A. Ghoggal
A. Aboubou
M. Sahraoui
H. Razik
Date de publication: 21-avr-2014
Résumé: model permitting the simulation of induction machine with skewed rotor slot is presented. The model is based on the Extension of the Modified Winding Function Approach, which allows for all harmonics of MMF to be taken into account. The effects of rotor skew which have not been able to be analyzed accurately by 2-D finite element technique were investigated. The model is used to predict the characteristics frequency components which are indicative of rotor bar faults. The results obtained showed the importance of the MWFA for the analysis of the induction motors.
Collection(s) :Communications Internationales

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