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Titre: سلسلة الطلب و الميزة التنافسية ـ دراسة حالة الوكالة التجارية للإتصالات الجزائر الفترة 2000- 2010
Auteur(s): بوبكر ياسين
Mots-clés: Internet services
Algeria telecome
demande chain
competitive advantage
Date de publication: 19-jan-2014
Résumé: The focus on "Demand chain" did not come haphazardly, but the human nature with the changing of desires imposed that, firstly the production was capacity-based, "let's produce as much as we can" . Then the advertisement became the main tool to sell the goods, and the salesman had bigger responsibility to use his self-skills to convince the customers to change their minds, After that and exactly in the sixties all above have not been enough any more, the final customer has become the head of production chain, and his needs were the direct orders to restart and change what we may see in the market. The integration between the demand chain and the competitive advantage has become the axes of organizations, because the first competitor who give answers to the final customers will shake their hands first, and this reaction is what we call the competitive advantage , and this exactly how organizations fight for their part in markets nowadays, The Internet service is renewable with fantastic developing, and the final customer here in Algeria is looking forward to get those latest about it.
Collection(s) :Département des sciences économiques

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