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Titre: إستراتيجية التكوين المتواصل في المؤسسة الصحية و أداء الموارد البشرية ـ المؤسسة الاستشفائية العمومية بمدينة بسكرة ـ
Auteur(s): بودوح غنية
Mots-clés: continued formation strategy
health institution
Human Resources
Date de publication: 2012
Résumé: The function of continued formation (training) in modern institutions is most important elements of development adopted by these institutions in building a device capable in the present and the future to face the pressures and challenges of humanitarian the technical, production and administrative, which directly related to the individual as a human being on the one side, and the main engine for all elements of the production on the other side. It is the main driver for all elements Alginate, depends on the efficiency of continued formation is the efficiency of all the items and therefore the efficiency of organizational performance. Interest in developing specific methodologies for the continued formation (training) process continued hospitalization in the organization aims to achieve compatibility and harmony between the individual human ambition and objectives of the work which strengthens and promotes the affiliation and the employee's loyalty to his foundation, which is reflected positively on the performance of individual......
Collection(s) :Département des sciences sociales

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