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Titre: نحو نموذج إسلامي لسوق رأس المال تجربة ماليزيا نموذجا
Auteur(s): نصبة مسعودة
Date de publication: 2012
Résumé: Some have sought some to accuse Islam of negativity and not keep pace with civilization and failure behind the development which took place in all areas of life, especially in the economic side, considering the economy of the Islamic theoretically weak link with reality and Mostagdath contemporary, giving rise to the transactions of modern far from the appreciation of Forensic her, and emerged markets undisciplined standards legitimacy, and those markets of the capital market, which represents the bulk of the country's wealth, greater part of the resources of the country is heading to the capital market as a vessel which through him is the conduct of these resources, if were not tools, contracts and transactions of this market is subject to the systems and controls legitimacy, they may turn into a theater of the absurd wealth of Muslims and gain room for man's land
Collection(s) :Département des sciences commerciales

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