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Titre: دور التأمين التعاوني في تمويل التنمية
Auteur(s): كريمة عمران
Date de publication: 2012
Résumé: Cooperative insurance that we are going to study Hua Islamic cooperative insurance based on solidarity and cooperation. And liability insurance and the protection of groups of subscribers for each other, he kind of insurance severally. Principle of cooperation: Participants collaborate with one another catharsis of anguish and application of the principle of cooperating in righteousness and piety and do not aim to profit in it. Principle of responsibility: govern the relationship between the participants of a collaborative relationship symbiotic such as the one body. The principles of the Islamic cooperative insurance is the following:- The relationship and the contract between the participants on a voluntary basis as a common value of all donate straight to help the affected and the rest of the participants assume all the participants shared with the rest of the losses from the system through participation in the notice.- The goal of the cooperative insurance Islam is not the profit and but the cooperation of the participants so as not to suffer any joint whatever the type of risk faced, and is a legitimate alternative for the insurance business which is forbidden by most specialists of scholars due to contain its contracts on (gharar, gambling, usury).- There are three models for the application of Islamic Co-insurance are: Speculative model, model agency, model agency and speculation The Islamic cooperative insurance plays a major role in financing development, in both its economic and social services because of the economic and social offerings
Collection(s) :Département des sciences commerciales

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