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Titre: -تمويل التنمية المحلية من منظور إسلامي- مساهمة صندوقي الزكاة و الوقف
Auteur(s): السيتي وسيلة
Date de publication: 2012
Résumé: Development in Islam is a concept of doctrinal content which means that man can achieve through increasing degrees its dominance on the resources available in the universe which it have given by the god to serve him, the Development is an ideological operation that is characterized by the wholeness and balance and aims to provide a good life for all members of society, while the completion of this development depends on the availability of financial resources. Through this study, which was entitled: Financing of local development from an Islamic point of view - the contribution of Zakat funds and endowments - that we decided to highlight the role of two orders of Zakat and Waqf in providing national financial resources needed to carry out local development projects. Al Waqf have an important role in the reconstruction of areas and the establishment of infrastructure and basic facilities for the communities, and contributed to the activation of economic and social development and provide funding to support the local development....
Collection(s) :Département des sciences commerciales

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