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Titre: دور الجماعات المحلية في إعداد المخططات العمرانية
Auteur(s): برجوح, عقبة
أحميد, هنية
Date de publication: 20-jui-2017
Editeur: univ-biskra
Résumé: Summary The construction and reconstruction tools provided by Law 29/90, which includes the Law of Planning and Reconstruction, which acquires the technical and non-procedural nature, which is used as a means by the municipality to run the city, and the development and developmental projects stand helpless and inappropriate when it comes to intervening on the urban fabric through urban projects. These plans are the basic basis for the plans for the creation of the region because they provide a database of the regional possibilities of each municipality and have been prepared since 1994 to be reviewed during the years 2006/07 to achieve adaptation and harmonization with the plans for the development of the region listed since 2001. Realistically, these schemes have proved their short-term objectives as a result of the shortcomings recorded during the implementation process, mainly due to the time factor represented by the weight of the administrative procedures associated with the preparation and approval of the plans and the approval of the plans. In addition to weak technical and technical skills with respect to human materials and technical structures of the municipality, Has led to poor local performance in urban management.
Collection(s) :Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques (FDSP)

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