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Titre: دور الثقافة السياسية في الإنتخابات المحلية في الجزائر
Auteur(s): عيسى, كميلية
كحول, وحيدة
Mots-clés: Local Elections
political culture
Date de publication: 20-jui-2017
Editeur: univ-biskra
Résumé: The political culture is a set of values and ideas and standards associated with electoral behavior, which is manifested in the local elections, in Algeria, the different features of the political culture in the current stage, compared with the previous periods, what is the impact of political culture on the local elections in Algeria. This topic has been addressed through three chapters, we are in the first chapter of the conceptual framework and theoretical study, to clarify the place of ambiguity about the nature of the political culture, highlighting what the local elections. Chapter II was devoted to the determinants of political ‫اىثبقفت‬ in Algeria including self- Environmental determinants. Chapter III, we had a reflection of the political culture of the local elections, through the analysis of the analysis of the form and then downing a friendlier experience and subjective determinants of the study sample. We concluded that the nature of the political culture in Algeria marked differentiation and change, and affected a culture of participation of somewhat, and the impact of environmental determinants on the political culture and local elections than subjective factors. Keywords: political culture - Local Elections.
Collection(s) :Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques (FDSP)

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