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Titre: التنمية المستدامة في دول الخليج دراسة حالة دولة قطر
Auteur(s): سايحي, إسماعيل
زروال, سهام
Date de publication: 20-jui-2017
Résumé: Sustainable développement has been linked to several contemporary forms such as poverty. The 1992 Brazil Earth Summit was devoted to the problèmes related to the environnement. It emphasised the tremendous importance of durable développement as vital to the increase of the average individuel income and the fight against poverty and, consequently, as key to the effort to achieve economic welfare. Durable development, however, goes hand in hand with human development cultural and technological backwardness, environmental problems, scarcity of natural resources and an increase in the rate of population growth versus the planet's resources. Countries have become economic blocs whose goal is to achieve the economic development flowing from the gains of that bloc. The process of sustainable development in the countries of the world in recent years a series of different efforts to achieve the well-being of their communities.
Collection(s) :Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques (FDSP)

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